Drivers owe Oklahoma City $13 million in parking and traffic fines

Drivers owe the city $1,000,000 in parking tickets.

"Every year that number grows and grows," said Kristy Yager, spokesperson for the City of Oklahoma City.

Combine parking tickets with citations for speeding and other traffic violations, and you will find drivers in the metro owe Oklahoma City, $13,000,000.

"That's insane, that's a lot of money," said Alan Murphy, an Oklahoma City visitor.

"We could use it," said Natalie Dennis, an Oklahoma City resident, "I'll tell you that much!"

City officials say they're working to collect the money.

"The city has marshals that go out and collect those fines," said Yager.

Some fines date back to the 1990's, and city officials say getting everyone to pay up-- is not easy.

"If you move out of state it's a little more difficult to find people that way," said Yager.

The ticket might say you owe $15.00 for parking, but city officials say that can add up over time and even result in your arrest..

"If you put them all in jail, that's only going to cost us more money," said Dennis.

Many people in the metro are urging other drivers to pay now.

"Pay it, it's not worth it," said Dennis, "it's not worth getting you license suspended, it's not worth it for all the money that it doubles to, just pay it when it's $15.00."

The city says it will make sure the money is put to good use.

"Think how many sidewalks we can put in with $13,000,000, that would go a long way," said Yager.

If you need to pay off a traffic fine, you can do that online.

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