Oklahoma City man starts fire in kitchen to "cook the bible" during stand-off

Oklahoma City police arrested a man Wednesday following a stand-off in which the suspect threw objects at officers and set fire to his kitchen in an attempt to "cook the bible".

According to the Oklahoma City Police Department, officers responded to the 1400 block of S. Indiana late Wednesday to a report of a "person going ballistic".

When officers arrived at the apartment complex they found 22-year-old Jeremy Jarnell Anderson covered in blood and soap. As authorities tried to enter the apartment Anderson threw glass objects at his doorway.

The officers began to try and reason with Anderson they realized he was out of control. Reports state one officer shocked Anderson with a Taser to bring him under control, but the suspect ripped the Taser probes off his skin and said they had no affect on him.

As the stand-off continued, officers noticed a small fire had started in Anderson's apartment. Officers then entered the residence with riot-gear and found an uncooperative Anderson. The suspect was shocked with a Taser multiple times and drug out of the apartment.

Officers noted that Anderson's kitchen floor was covered in blood, water, bleach and other substances.

Anderson told police he had started the fire to "cook the bible". He was later booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on complaints of first degree arson.