Oklahoma City fighting battle against potholes

Have you made a call to the Oklahoma City pothole hotline lately? Are you still waiting for that pothole to be fixed? City crews say they are fighting a constant battle against potholes this season.

FOX25 obtained records of pothole reports in Oklahoma City for the past three weeks. On March 10th, for example, more than 100 potholes were reported.

"Our standard response is for us to do at least 80% of them within three working days," said Oklahoma City Public Works spokesperson Shannon Cox. "Of course, we've had so many reported that that's a little behind this year."

Of all the potholes reported on March 10th, about 80% were repaired in an average of about 11 days. FOX25 checked on some of the reported potholes that were not repaired, and we weren't able to find any pothole at all.

The City says it has an average of 12 crews filling potholes, each crew filling about 250-300 a day. Over the last three weeks the City has spent about $68,000 filling those holes.

"Just continue to have patience. There have been a larger number this year," said Cox.

If there is a pothole you want to report, you can call the city's pothole hotline at 631-1111. For more information click here.

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