Oklahoma Cattlemen thrilled about July rainfall

All the rain Oklahoma has been getting during the month of July has been a welcome relief for ranchers across the state.

Nearly 500 cattlemen came together to talk about their struggles and how to improve business as a whole at the 2013 Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association Convention. Rainfall was a topic of many of their conversations.

Bryan Nichols is a fifth generation farmer, he told FOX 25's Christine VanTimmeren, "Anytime you get a bunch of ranchers and farmers together, rain is about the first question that comes up."

"Everybody's a bit more excited about what's going on," said Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association President Michael Frey. "The rain and the prospects for the future now that we've got some rain and the grass is growing."

For the last three years farmers and ranchers have been struggling through a drought. Many ranchers having no choice but to cut their herds.

"It's put a lot of stress on a lot of people," said Nichols. "We just haven't been able to keep as many cattle really." Even Nichols' father can't remember a more difficult time for the profession.

"If you can't grow forage to feed the cattle then you have to buy forage which is very expensive."

Anytime Nichols' family sees rain in the forecast, especially during the summer, it's a time for celebrating.

"I just pray a little bit more. Hope that it comes true. We like to see it in the forecast but until it hits the ground it's just kind of a hope."

Hope that they can recover some of the ground that's been stressed for years on end. Hope that their industry can stay alive. Hope that this rain trend will continue, because even with all the rain that we've had it still might not be enough.

"It helps and it will maybe stop the bleeding in terms of cows leaving or cutting cow numbers," said Nichols. "But we need multiple years of this to start building the herd back. Not just one good summer."

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