OKCPD search for suspected gunman in overnight shooting

man hospitalized after overnight shooting in NW OKC

Police are searching for a suspect who they believe shot a man in the leg. A witness said the gunman first shot at the victim on Tuesday night, while she and the victim were sitting in his car near NW 32nd and Drexel. The witness said they had just arrived home from seeing a movie, when the suspect came up to their car and tried to open the door. When the victim wouldn't let the suspect in, the witness says the suspect shot at the victim. Both the victim and the witness were able to safely get out of the car, but the witness says the victim went back outside a few minutes later and was shot around 12:30 a.m. The witness told FOX 25, "He left and he came back and I guess whenever he came back, I guess the dude was still maybe waiting or something, I don't know, and then I heard the car alarm chirp and I heard our alarm system chirp when the door opened and the next thing I heard was pow and I heard him hollering."According to the witness, she did not recognize the gunman. Police say they are still investigating and working on a description of the possible suspect. The victim is currently hospitalized at OU Medical Center.
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