OKCPD says elderly woman assaulted in home invasion

Oklahoma City Police say an elderly woman had to be sent to the hospital after an afternoon home invasion. It happened on Hickory Stick Rd near 122nd and N. May. The suspect is still at large.Investigators say just before 2:00 p.m. they received a 911 call from the elderly victim."Officers discovered the victim inside their home, made contact with them. The victim had unknown injuries at the time," said Oklahoma City Police Lt. Dale Marshall.Down the street, Alisha Adams and her husband were moving into the neighborhood. Adams said they were moving there because it was safe, which is why the incident shocked her."We were unloading and we heard a bunch of sirens going off and a fire truck came down the road. The next thing I knew there was a policeman knocking on the door," she said.Police say after the home invasion, the suspect stole the victim's car and abandoned it a couple blocks away at Tealwood and May.Police searched the area by helicopter for the suspect. They believe the suspect is a white, male dressed in a black shirt and black pants."I'm so glad that we stopped and asked you guys what was going on because this way we can be real cognizant of our surroundings," a neighbor told FOX25.Police are asking anyone who may have seen the suspect to give them a call."Please call us. Call 911. Have the officer come out and give us the information so we can document it and follow up and help catch the guy," said Lt. Marshall.Oklahoma City Police say just before the home invasion a call came in to 911 in the same area, of a 14-17 year old wearing all black clothing and a black hat riding a purple and silver bike. Police think it's very possible that may be the suspect.
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