OKCPD: man bound, raped woman for several days

The Oklahoma City Police Department said a woman escaped after five days in captivity while being raped by a 28-year-old man.Police arrested Zohaiv Dastgir, 28, for rape and kidnapping, among other charges.According to police, they were called to an Oklahoma City business on Friday, July 25, after a woman told employees there she had been raped. The victim told police she had been bound and raped since Sunday, July 20.Police said the victim told them she and Dastgir were acquaintances and they had met multiple times. On July 20, she said the suspect picked her up but was angry after he saw some pictures she had on her Facebook page.According to the victim, he then tied her up with speaker wire and kept her until Friday when she was able to escape. She said that Dastgir had gone to a bank and she was able to wriggle free and run to a nearby business.When she spoke with the officers, she said that she had been raped multiple times over the span of a few days. When she asked if she could go home, the man reportedly told her "When I am ready to take you home, I will", according to the report.She also asked why he was doing this and she told police he told her "Because I got a bad vibe from you and you are just trying to steal from me."The report also states Dastgir told her at one point "This is how we treat women where I am from. You think you have it bad now, wait until I am done with you and you will be scared of my kind."Dastgir was arrested for rape, kidnapping no state driver's license and traffic charges.
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