OKCPD investigates seven thefts in two days

Mariely Blanco saved for months to buy her 2013 GMC Sierra pick up truck.She calls it her baby and couldn't hold back the tears when she saw the shape it was left in Tuesday morning."The tires, the rims, my back window was broke," says Blanco. She says the suspect also made off with about $200 and some of her dad's expensive tools."I'm angry, I want to know who did it, just who would do something like that, not just to me but like, everybody," says Blanco. Oklahoma City Police say they have six other reports of thefts in the Westridge subdivision over the last two days. "There is no way to say for sure whether it's the same suspect or suspects in all of these cases, but again common sense says we have several in a very short period of time in an area, so more than likely they are connected," says Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow. Police say most of the burglaries took place in the middle of the night. A prime time for thieves to work quickly to take what they can and then make their getaway.Alfredo Castilleja says his wife also woke up to her Escalade on gardening bricks. Castilleja says the suspect turned off their outdoor motion sensor lights and left behind a pile of lug nuts.Castilleja is upset but says in the end material things can always be replaced."They could have broken into the house and hurt my grand kids that live over there, or my son, or his wife," says Castilleja. Police say they are taking the sudden increase very seriously and will be investigating in hopes of finding who is responsible, but in the meantime they do have some advice."Obviously in these cases the victim's didn't do anything wrong. We always encourage people whenever it's possible if you have a garage, secure your vehicle in the garage at night to make it's at least locked up," says Sgt. Wardlow.If you have any information that could help police identify a suspect, you are asked to call Crimestoppers at 235-7300.
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