OKC Zoo elephant pregnant with second calf

Elephant ultrasound taken summer 2013 at four to five months into the pregnancy.

The Oklahoma City Zoo announced some BIG news Tuesday; ultrasound images have determined 18-year-old Asian elephant Asha is seven months pregnant.

Officials with the zoo say the average gestation for an elephant is 22 months which brings Asha's due date to December 2014.

Dr. Jennifer D'Agostino, director of veterinary services, said the staff is cautiously optimistic because Asha is still early in her pregnancy.

"We will focus on giving Asha the best prenatal care possible, with carefully monitored nutrition, exercise and regular check-ups through ultrasounds and blood work," D'Agostino said.

Asha gave birth to her first calf, Malee, in 2011. The father-to-be, Rex, came to the Oklahoma City Zoo in December 2011. Rex has previously sired five calves.

The Oklahoma City Zoo recently announced the birth of a baby giraffe. The female giraffe was born Sept. 26 and already stands six feet tall.