Local airport officials: don't worry about LAX shooting

Will Rogers World Airport reported no problems with outgoing flights Friday. But incoming flights were a different story. A United flight was canceled and a few other connections were delayed on their way from LAX.

Fox 25 spoke with travelers were a little concerned after hearing what happened there. Some say they worry about similar incidents happening in Oklahoma City.

Morgan Reeves was not only flying for the first time Friday afternoon, she was headed to the center of the chaos at LAX. "I'm a little nervous but hopefully everything will be okay," she said at check-in.
7,000 people come through Will Rogers every day. And folks with the airport say if that's you, you have nothing to worry about.
"From what we've been following this seems to be an isolated incident out in Los Angeles and I don't think there's any concern for alarm here in Oklahoma City" said airport director Mark Kranenburg.

He says keeping passengers safe is number one.
"We concentrate on security a lot," he said.

The airport uses airport staff, TSA officers and local police to try to prevent any issues, 24 hours a day. Comforting to some, while others question how much they can really do.

"We're standing here in an airport there are glass doors," said Hans Ziesman on his way to LAX, "how much can an airport really be responsible for controlling the public?"

As folks hurry to get where they need to be, Reeves talks about the tragedy and why she decided to fly anyway.

"Anything can happen anywhere, it doesn't matter where it's at. Tragedy happens all over the place," she said.