OKC surgeon offers "natural" breast augmentation

The cutting edge of cosmetic surgery isn't turning to a new injection. It's all about using your own fat.
Some call it "liquid gold". One Oklahoma City surgeon is using it to give women fuller, bigger breasts, without implants.

52-year-old Marsha asked us not to show her face or use her whole name. What she doesn't mind showing off is her new cleavage six months after undergoing natural breast augmentation.

"I was always on the small side, and one side was smaller than the other at that," Marsha said.

Dr. William Ehrlich liposuctioned fat from Marsha's love handles. the fat was processed and immediately put back into her breasts using a tiny, blunt needle. no incisions. no scars. and now, a "D" cup chest, without any foreign substance in her body.

"It just looks really good," said Marsha. "It rewinds the clock about 20 years."

William Ehrlich 38:35 -38:44 "Women, for decades, have said, 'If only you take the fat from my stomach or flanks and put it up top, that would be the greatest,'" said Cosmetic Surgeon William Ehrlich. "Well now we can do that."

To his knowledge, Dr. Ehrlich is the only surgeon in Oklahoma performing natural breast augmentation. He says it isn't right for everyone, especially if you're looking for a more dramatic increase in size.

"Many of the younger women who want to go, for instance from an A to a D or an A to a C, wouldn't be satisfied," said Dr. Ehrlich. "And frankly many of them probably won't have enough fat."

Some patients opt to the procedure twice, 6 months apart, to get their desired looks.

Dr. Ehrlich says the fat "starts to become part of you. And blood vessels grow into it.. So it doesn't move around and has a natural feel even within the first week."

The entire procedure, which takes about 3 and a half hours, is performed in the doctor's office, with oral sedation and local anesthesia.
Marsha was back to work 3 days after surgery and has tossed out her old padded bras.

"I can wear a bra without padding," she said. "It doesn't make me sweat like the padded ones do. It's just a more comfortable way of life too."

Not just a physical transformation, Marsha says the change is also psychological. "It's something I really can't describe. But it really does boost your self confidence."

The results last at least a decade. Patients can breastfeed and the surgery won't effect mammograms.

The cost of natural breast augmentation, including the liposuction, is around the same as just having traditional breast implant surgery, without lipo.