OKC police officer and UFC fighter Matt Grice fights for life following car accident

OKC police officer and UFC fighter Matt Grice is fighting for his life Monday morning after a car accident.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol tells us the accident happened Sunday between 5:00 pm and 6:00 PM at Hwy 177 and 45th in Shawnee. Grice was sitting at a red light when another driver plowed into the rear of his vehicle. The impact of the crash sent Grice's vehicle into the back of the vehicle in front of his.

The driver of the car that hit Grice was treated and released.

Grice's wife, Caroline, says her husband is out of surgery, but doctors are treating him for bleeding on his brain.

According to, doctors are waiting until later Monday morning to make any updates on his current condition, but his eyes are responding to light, which indicates brain activity.

Grice is an Oklahoma high school wrestling legend.

He was a four-time state champion and three-time most outstanding wrestler in 1998, 1999, and 2000.

He debuted in MMA in 2005 and has had two stints with the UFC.

Grice has two young children.

Before Matt Grice was an Oklahoma City police officer and famous UFC fighter he was a wrestler at Harrah High School.

"Very few were able to do what or have been able to do in history what he's done," said Guy Worth, a former coach of Grice and current Athletic Director at Harrah. "He was always excited to be here. Always encouraging people wanting them to do their best and be their best."

Worth said Matt is a legend at the school. One of the biggest honors in wrestling is to be named outstanding wrestler. Matt did that 19 times

But now the legend is fighting for his life after a car accident left him in critical condition Sunday.

"I actually got the news around 6:30 last night," said Bryan Miller, a longtime friend of matt and the current wrestling coach at Harrah.

Miller said one thing Matt loves more than being on the wrestling mat is being with his family.

"He has two little girls, a wife, they still live in the Harrah community about a mile from the high school."

Miller said while matt has made it big in UFC, he has never changed from the person he was at Harrah High School.

"He's just a great guy. You know somebody you want to be around."
Both he and Worth describe matt as a fighter.

"Never ever would you seen him quit," said Worth.
They're hoping the determination that brought Matt so much success will also save his life.

"We're praying he'll keep that fighting spirit in him," said Miller.

At last check Grice was still in critical condition. He has been with OKlahoma City police for 5 years.