OKC investigating report of fake police officers

Oklahoma City police say a woman called them after being stopped by two police officers near Western and Memorial.

It happened Tuesday night around midnight. But the two pulling her over weren't real police officers.

"The uniforms weren't the same as our uniforms, there's no reason to believe this was a real police contact," said Master Sergeant Gary Knight.

Knight says the pair told the woman to step out of the car, searched it, then sexually assaulted her.

Police say that makes the pair particular dangerous. But the car they were driving makes spotting a fake difficult as well.

"They were driving a black and white Ford Crown Vic and that's problematic in identifying because that's what a lot of law enforcement drive," Knight said.

People in the area today have mixed reaction.

"We feel very unsafe," said one person.

"I've never seen it out here, I've been working here for a year and a half and I haven't had any problems I just lock my doors and everything's good with me," said another.

Police say this is the first report of this kind in the area and investigators are looking for any witnesses now.

They're looking for two white males in their 30's or 40's.

If you have information, call police.

Police say you can always call 911 if you're unsure about the person stopping you. A dispatcher will be able to tell you if the officer is with the department.