OHP stepping up patrols for holiday

It's setting up to be a big travel weekend.AAA predicts 34.7 million people will hit the nation's highways for a trip at least 50 miles or longer. That's the most folks on the road since 2008.Combined with cheaper gas prices and increased consumer spending, it's gearing up to be a good holiday break.But state troopers like Betsy Randolph say they'll be working---watching for problem drivers, after 12 people died during the holiday last year.Randolph says every 30 minutes, someone dies of a drunk driving crash in Oklahoma."Drunk driving is 100% preventable. If people will choose not to do it, and have a plan in place after they've been drinking, not to drive," Randolph said.And troopers aren't just looking for drunk driving. They'll issue citations for reckless driving and even texting and driving if you're not paying attention to the road.And count in boaters, as well."The laws are the same, whether you're operating a motor craft that's on the water, or you're operating a motor vehicle that's on the roadway, it's .08, it's the same on a boat as it is on the roadway," Randolph said.Randolph says it's all about being safe, whether you're on the road or on the lake, remember to do everything you can to keep everyone safe, like wearing life jackets."Those personal floatation devices will save people's lives," Randolph said.