Ohio sheriff sends letter demanding payment from Mexico president

The letter Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones sent to the president of Mexico. Courtesy: WKRC

A sheriff in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area sent a letter demanding payment to the president of Mexico to cover the cost of illegal immigrants in the county jail.Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones sent the letter Tuesday asking President Enrique Nieto to reimburse the sheriff's office for more than $900,000 spent housing illegal, Mexican nationals in the county jail. Mobile users: if you can't see the video, click here to watch it. Sheriff Jones made a similar effort in 2007 for a much smaller amount. While he didn't have any real expectation that he was going to get paid he was looking for a different kind of pay back: attention to the issue of immigration reform. Fox 25 affiliate WKRC got the first look at the sheriff's controversial letter late Tuesday morning. Addressed to the Mexican president and his secretary of foreign affairs it talked about the more than 3,000 Mexican nationals Butler County has housed in its jail over the last decade at a cost to taxpayers of almost $1 million. Jones said the goal of the letter was to emphasize the need to close the US border and also to embarrass the politicians. "The democrats aren't winning. Republicans aren't winning. The left the right, everybody's losing. This draws attention and anything that draws attention to these weak-kneed politicians is a good thing. They need to get in a room and they need to fix this. It's what they're hired to do. Fix this." [CLICK HERE to see the FULL, RAW interview with Sheriff Jones] The letter talked about the crimes the illegal immigrants were arrested for and asked the president for "Some sort of financial support for dealing with your criminals." The leader of a Hispanic congregation, Pastor Josh Colon, gave WKRC his read on the document. "All Americans, we all want the borders to be secure for the safety of America. However, we have a lot of children coming over. We have to find a way a common ground where we will be able to help these children who suffer greatly in their countries." Sheriff Jones added, "I'm compassionate for these children but it's illegal. We have laws in this country. If we want to do something that's great and wonderful, let them stay home with their parents. Send money, send food to these countries and send resources there to get them to stay in their country." The sheriff and the pastor also agree there was a need to separate the humanitarian goals from the politics. "What we gotta do right now is we gotta pray for our political situation and hope and pray they can come together and do what they're supposed to be doing right now," Pastor Colon said. "Congress and the Senate, what the American people want you to do is fix this issue," Sheriff Jones countered.In his 2007 letter to then president Felipe Calderon, Jones asked for just over $61,000 in remuneration, which he didn't get. Coincidentally, over the last few days Sheriff Jones has appeared on a number of national news outlets talking about that 2007 letter as well as the fact that Mexican cartels put him on a hit list a few years ago. This new letter will see him once again launched into a national spotlight.