Ohio firefighter uses fire drill for surprise proposal

An Ohio firefighter has won his fiance's heart and now he's winning more after his special proposal is being shared across the internet.

Greentown, Ohio firefighter Justin Deierling says his fiance, Megan, has changed his life in the best way and he wanted to do something special for her. On the YouTube video post, he says they met last fall when he was volunteering for the department passing out water to the students participating in a walkathon.

He also said he recognized how important her job and the students she works with were to her so he wanted to include that in his special plan.

Megan, a teacher at a school in Greentown, was escorting students outside during a routine fire drill. When the fire engines pull up, Justin walks up. He points to the truck where some of his coconspirators unveil the big question. He dropped to one knee and her answer shouldn't surprise you.

But he didn't just have a ring for her. He gave a ring pop to all the students in the school.

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