Ohio family deals with backlash after controversial photos posted to Facebook

An Ohio family says they meant no harm when they snapped photos and posted pictures of their two-month-old baby with a pacifier duct taped to his mouth and another where the child is in a roasting pan surrounded by vegetables."It started as just a joke we put a little tape on the pacifier because we were being silly," explained Jackie Sheaks, the baby's grandmother.The family snapped the photos and posted them to social media as a joke, but investigators didn't see the humor.Kristin Spriggs told Fox 25 affiliate WSYX her mother photographed two-month-old Jacqueline to express humor and creativity, then posted the pictures on Facebook. The family says the photos went viral, and since then, they've been getting calls and visits from officers and children's services representatives.Spriggs says no charges were filed, and officials determined that the two month old and another two-year-old child in the home were okay. She says she lost her older sister in an accident a year ago and that the family created the photo shoot out of love and as a stress reliever.Meanwhile, the family says they'll think twice before ever posting any family pictures online.The family took the pictures down from Facebook.