Officials: SE Oklahoma City home set on fire

Fire investigators are trying to determine who could have intentionally set a home in SE Oklahoma City on fire early Wednesday morning.Firefighters were called to a home near Bryant and SE 59th St. by neighbors around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday. The callers said they saw smoke coming from the home but when firefighters arrived, they could not see flames.They did say the back door of the home was forced open. Once they got inside the home, they found heavy flames. Fire officials say there was nobody inside the home at the time the fire started and they're trying to determine if anyone lives in the home. Battalion Chief Mike Walker said nobody has come forward to claim they live in the home."There hasn't been any occupants arriving on the scene claiming to have lived in the structure. There's no one for us to contact by phone. Some neighbors stated that there's been some people who have lived there, but they're not sure if they're still were. However the structure was still full of furniture and clothing."Crews said they also found mail at the home.The fire is estimated to have caused about $25,000 in damage.Right now fire investigators don't have any any suspects. If you have any info call police.
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