Officials: "Old Man" masked robber turns out to be 17-year-old

Officials in Cleveland County say a 17-year-old high school student is responsible for a string of bank robberies while wearing the disguise of an elderly man.Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn tells Fox 25 a Norman Public Schools student robbed two banks in Moore and one in Oklahoma City. In the robberies, the teen passed a note that said he had a gun but a weapon was never seen.According to Mashburn, the teen was 16 when the robberies happened and just turned 17.On Feb. 26, the teen allegedly first robbed the IBC Bank branch at 2301 N. Portland in Oklahoma City. Police say the suspect was also caught on camera casing another bank that same day. The teen allegedly struck again April 26, robbing the IBC Bank branch at 513 NE 12 in Moore. On June 17, authorities say the teen allegedly robbed the Midfirst Bank branch at 1037 SW 19 in Moore. In all the alleged robberies the teen was dressed in a elderly male mask while wearing a sports coat, light colored pants, black sunglasses and black gloves.Mashburn said they had a description of the vehicle about a week or two ago and his lawyer brought him in. Mashburn says he will be charged as a youthful offender with two counts of first degree robbery in Cleveland County.The lawyer representing the teen, Gary James, said he made the decision to turn himself in with the help of his father and other family members. James said the teen felt it was the right thing to do but would not release a motive for the robberies. The teen plans to surrender to authorities Tuesday in Cleveland County.
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