OBN: arrest made in the case of missing teen JaRay Wilson

Tucker McGee, seen in here in his mug shot from an arrest in 2012 for marijuana possession, was arrested Tuesday in connection to JaRay Wilson's disappearance.

A court date has now been set for the 19 year old Weatherford man arrested in connection with the death of Jaray Wilson. The Custer County court clerk's office tells FOX 25 Tucker McGee will be arraigned Friday at 1:30 p.m.

Investigators arrested McGee Tuesday afternoon in connection to the death of JaRay Wilson. Wilson was reported missing in October of 2012 and the case was turned over to the newly formed "Human Trafficking Task Force" with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs early on in the investigation.

A spokesman with the OBNDD says agents had interviewed McGee prior to Tuesday's arrest and said he was someone they could not rule out as having something to do with the disappearance of Wilson, who at the time was just 16-years old.

The arrest came after a day of searching a wooded area just north of the Weatherford Airport. Investigators received a tip that something connected to JaRay's case could be found in the rural area. "It was not a random tip, we've interviewed hundreds of people and quite frankly it was a very direct interview," said OBNDD Director Darrell Weaver.

The OBNDD would not say where the tip came from, but said that the tip combined with interviews led them to believe McGee was responsible for the death of JaRay Wilson.

Early Tuesday morning an OBNDD agent found a human skull on the ground. The OBNDD would not say if the skull had any signs of trauma, but they immediately called in the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to process the scene. "They could be out there for days covering that area," Weaver said, "We just hope we find what we need to find."

News of the discovery of remains and the connection to Wilson hit her family hard said family friend Brian Gayer. "It's a sad time for the Wilson family, they've been fighting this for 14 months."

Gayer said the family had remained hopeful they would see JaRay alive again, and they don't want to give up that hope while the human remains are unidentified. The Oklahoma State Medical Examiner's office will be the agency that provides the official identification.

Even with a grim outlook, Gayer said the family is strong and the community continues to support them. "What they need are prayers, we're Oklahomans, that's what we do best; we take care of all and this is one of our daughters and one of our families and we're there for them," Gayer told Fox 25.

The OBNDD says Wilson's disappearance was initially thought to be connected to human trafficking and her story helped raise awareness to an issue that needed to be addressed in Oklahoma. Weaver said JaRay's story went across the nation and helped put a focus on the crime.

Family friends say even if JaRay was not saved herself, they know her life and story have saved many others. "Human trafficking is labeled with JaRay," Gayer said, "She has made a dent in that program they have stopped so much human trafficking because of JaRay's name."

Prosecutors will have to file formal charges against McGee, until then he is being held at the Custer County Jail. Online court records show he was charged with and pled guilty to a drug crime in November of 2012. He was given a deferred sentence.

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