OBN: 20 arrested in meth ring roundup in Seminole County

Several agencies worked together in the early morning hours Friday to arrest 20 men and women suspected of running a methamphetamine ring in Seminole County.

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, Seminole County Sheriff, Seminole Police, Chickasha Light Horse Police, Ada Police, Tontotoc County Sheriff, and U.S. Marshals worked together to bring in 20 of 23 suspects wanted on methamphetamine charges in Seminole County.

The sting, dubbed 'Operation Boomtown', started around 6:45 Friday morning and ended around 10:00 AM. OBN officials say they believe they captured the ring leader, Billy Wayne McKee.

Seminole County Sheriff Shannon Smith says between 80 and 85 percent of arrests in his county are drug related.

OBN Spokesman Mark Woodward says this bust was three years in the making.

"This case began in 2011 from information gathered following the arrests of individuals selling crystal meth or 'ice'", Woodward said. "The investigation uncovered a large group of defendants responsible for transporting and distributing several pounds of Mexican-sourced meth into Seminole County on a monthly basis."

Woodward also said the group would bring up to a pound of Mexican-source meth per week into Seminole County for redistribution.

All 20 defendants arrested Friday were transported to the Seminole County Jail in Wewoka. They face a variety of charges, including conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine.

OBN says additional arrests are possible as the investigation continues.