Oak Tree is familiar course to many at Senior Open

Since it was announced that the 2014 U.S. Senior Open would be at Oak Tree National much has been made about the possible advantage that the so called "Oak Tree Gang" would have at the tournament. Scott Verplank, Bob Tway, Gil Morgan, and Willie Wood all call Oak Tree home and certainly know what it means to play in the heat and wind that Oklahoma often presents. So it only makes sense they should have an advantage.But they're not the only golfers in the field that have intimate knowledge of what it takes to win a big time golf tournament in north Edmond. The year was 1988 and the PGA Championship was at the same course as this week's event. It was Jeff Sluman who walked away with his only major win on the PGA Tour. That was 26 years ago but to Sluman, who is in this week's event, it doesn't feel like it when he looks at the course."All I can tell you is that the golf holes to me really look the same. I didn't see any significant changes," said Sluman. " I think there's a few new tees, but the routing is the same, the shapes of the greens are the same, and like I said, the fairways right now are maybe the best fairways I have really ever seen. They're spectacular.".Since Oak Tree is the spot of his only major win its no surprise that the area holds a special place in Sluman's heart but its more than that which makes the six time Champions Tour winner appreciate the area."I think it goes without saying what a great golf community this is," said Sluman. ."You see the local guys that live here with Dr. Gill and David Edwards and Willie and Bob and Scott. That kind of tells you that golf means a lot to everybody in this community,"
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