Note supposedly excusing daughter on Veterans Day goes viral

This note, reportedly excuses a veteran's daughter from school on Veterans Day, has gone viral after being posted to

A letter, reportedly written by a Vietnam War veteran and father, is gathering buzz on social media sites.

The letter was posted on Tuesday by a user who said the not was written by her friend's dad for the reason she wasn't in school on Veterans Day.

The note is dated 11/12/13 and reads:

"Danielle [redacted] was absent from school yesterday 11/11/13 because of Veterans day. She will go to school on Verterans (sic) day when kids go to school on Martin Luther King day."

The note is signed by two individuals with the words 'Vietnam Vet' and 'Big Red 1' written underneath it.

Some comments written on imgur are criticizing the note for comparing the two holidays. What do YOU think? Go to the FOX 25 Facebook page and tell us!