Norovirus on the rise

The Norovirus is on the rise in Shawnee.

"I would hate to have that. I don't really like being sick," said Katie Stiles, a Shawnee resident.

The virus more commonly referred to as a "stomach bug" is making its way across the small town. More than 100 people have been treated at Shawnee hospitals in just the last week

"It's keeping us busy," said Doctor David Hadley, a physician at Saint Anthony's Hospital in Shawnee.

He said the emergency room is seeing more cases of the norovirus than this time last year.

"Really its picked up a lot."

The norovirus is more common in winter months and comes with a variety of symptoms.

"It could be mild just a low grade fever watery diarrhea to more severe high fever, headaches pretty severe nausea and vomiting and diarrhea abdominal cramps."

Dr. Hadley said the stomach bug is easily spread.

"It's really quite contagious. It doesn't take a lot of the virus to infect somebody."

But has a short life span.

"Once you get the symptoms it can leave pretty quickly. I'd say anywhere from one to three days."

Still folks in Shawnee said they don't want the virus...

"That doesn't sound that pleasant," said Stiles.

For more information on the norovirus go to,_Prevention,_Preparedness/Acute_Disease_Service/Disease_Information/Norovirus_Information.html