Norman's Music Festival: "We do not support" Fallin's actions at concert

The festival where Christina Fallin and her band "Pink Pony" is now responding to her controversial act after a Fox 25 story Sunday.The festival wrote in a statement, "The Norman Music Festival does not support the actions of Pink Pony at our festival on Saturday night. We had no prior knowledge of the performance content, and we oppose their use and depiction of American Indian artifacts and symbols," Norman Music Festival Chair Gene Bertman said. "We certainly understand that these actions do nothing but promote racism, cultural discrimination, and religious discrimination. The Norman Music Festival is here to support artists and bring people together - not divide them. We apologize to anyone who was offended."The band posted Saturday that would perform in "full regalia" at the concert, leading some to protest the show.Click here to see a slideshow of images from the protest and concert.The band was not in regalia, but Fallin was seen in a shawl that read "Sheep" on the back. Witnesses say she performed a fake war dance on stage as well.Louis Fowler was there, holding a sign when security tried to remove him. Video shows guards trying to forcibly remove the sign from his hands.Fowler said the guards tried to make the protesters leave, but Norman police stepped in, allowing them to stay.Weeks ago, Fallin ignited controversy when posing in a Native American war bonnet.In a written release late Monday, the band denied claims that the shawl was linked to Native American heritage or that Fallin performed a war dance."This cape was in no way a Native American shawl. It was not designed to look like one. It does not look like one. It is a cape. The 'Sheep' reference refers to those who blindly follow sensationalist yellow journalism rather than the truth.""We are sincerely sorry to anyone who was offended by the photograph that started this controversy."Later in the day Monday, Christina Fallin's mother, Governor Mary Fallin, issued this statement regarding the controversy:"On Saturday night, while performing at the Norman Music Festival, my daughter acted in a way that I believe was inappropriate. While she will always be my daughter and I love her very much, I don't approve of her behavior on that night or that of her band. I have communicated that to Christina."I have great respect for Oklahoma's tribal members and I celebrate their traditions and culture. As governor, I work hand in hand with tribal leaders on everything from disaster response to economic development. Tribal governments are important partners to our state government, and I value the good relationships my administration has cultivated with them."
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