Norman teen searching for good Samaritan who helped him after an accident.

A Good Samaritan finds a teenage boy on the side of the road and takes him to safety but took off before leaving any information.

"They put a metal bar and screws and staples in my shoulder," said 14-year-old Deshon Turner.

Dashon needed surgery after falling off his skateboard last week near Boyd and Sunrise Street in Norman.

"I was going to my friend's house and I don't really remember anything after that."

Dashon also suffered a concussion leaving him with little memory of the accident but the teenager does remember a man finding him on the side of the road and taking him to his friend's house until his mom could pick him up

"I really am thankful he found him and took him to a safe place," said Dashon's mom, Tona Green.

But the Good Samaritan left before Tona could get any information.

"A lot of questions are in my mind like what happened."

"We have no reason to suspect there was any criminal wrong doing," said Sgt. Jennifer Newell with Norman Police.

While police do not think any laws were broken they also want more details.

"If we could just have some information, call us anonymously. I mean do something," said Newell.

Dashon said he has his own reason for wanting the man to come forward.

"Just thank you and I hope that you come show yourself. I want to know who you are."

If you have any information call Norman police at 366-5440.