Norman police say homicide was retaliation after domestic assault

Norman police say they have four men in custody after a homicide Thursday night shook up a Norman neighborhood.

Isaiah Walker, Rusty Wooten, Jason Harris and Michael Tubby were booked into the Cleveland County Justice Center Friday afternoon.

"Three cars pulled up here, at least 10 guys," recalled a neighbor who saw it all.
He asked not to be named.
"They went in yelling 'where is Dustin or Justin' and the first thing you heard was that glass shatter," he said.
Police say men with masks and guns kicked down the door at 816 N Stewart Ave. in Norman. They say the men shot 24-year-old Justin Barnard and slapped his grandmother in the face.
"By all appearances they brought the gun with them, so it would lead me to believe if you brought the gun and you used it, your intent was to kill him," said Capt. Todd Gibson with the Norman Police Dept.
And they did. Barnard died at the hospital Thursday night.
Police say it was a retaliation kill.
"It's not a random act of violence," Gibson said.
Officers say it started Wednesday. Barnard's pregnant ex-girlfriend Dianna St. Clair picked him up when he had car trouble.
An Oklahoma City police report says he started yelling at her as they drove near the Tank 'N Tummy convenience store, and eventually pushed her out of the moving car. It goes on to say he drove over her foot with the back tires and moved to the driver's seat before merging onto the highway and leaving.
Police say Thursday the guys at Barnard's door were there because of her.
"Some are distant relatives and some are friends of the female in Oklahoma City," Gibson said.
St. Clair started to file a protective order against Barnard in February. In it she wrote he would "beat holes in the walls" and would "show up and act crazy around my kids." But after filling out the petition she did not show up to present the application in court, so a judge dismissed it.
"I feel sad for all them and I'll pray for them," said one neighbor.
"We didn't have much sleep last night," said another.
Police say no matter the motive, it's still a murder.
"There's no exception in the statute for "righting a wrong,"' Gibson said.
Police are still investigating. They think they have the people involved, but say they could always learn something that would lead to additional charges.