Norman police patrol the streets in full force as kids head back to school

Norman students head back to class on Wednesday and police say they'll be out in force making sure the streets are safe.

Thousands of kids head back to school in Norman on Wednesday and police in the area plan to be out in full force. For the first time ever, Norman police say they'll be visiting every single school in the district, patrolling school zones and handing out tickets. Here are a few important reminders: Be aware of children traveling by foot or bicycle, school crossings and school buses. Make sure to NEVER pass a school bus, from front or back, while it is loading or unloading and the lights are flashing. Police say that could cost you a hefty fine anywhere $50 to $750 dollars and an appearance before a judge. Make sure to slow down in school zones. Speeding in those zones carries a penalty of $274 dollars, no matter how fast you were going. Keep all these things in mind and keep it a safe and happy school year!
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