Norman police map most crimes online

In Norman, like any town, every little crime on every street is not reported on the news.But still, information about small crimes can be helpful so you can take action to protect yourself.That's the idea behind Norman's online crime-tracking system."Ultimately, what it does, is it puts the tools there in everybody's hands," said Capt. Tom Easley.Each day, all the reports from most crimes are loaded onto the system, down to your street or neighborhood.You can even check all the reports on a mobile app, or get an e-mail every single day of all the reports in your neighborhood. Take one Norman neighborhood for example: there have been five reports of auto burglaries in the last 24-hours alone, that information is something you can use to protect yourself.One person who lives nearby says it's useful information about crime he would otherwise know nothing about."They say there's been some burglaries and stuff, and I'm thinking, I'm at the very end of the street, I haven't had any crime, I've had stuff sitting out, easy to steal, nobody's bothered me, but yet, they're having burglaries close by to me? I was really surprised.""If you wanted to know more information about different areas of city, I'd refer to the website. That's awesome," said Julie Trevillion.The website has one other useful feature for police.If you see a crime on the site you know something about---say you saw something unusual---you can submit an anonymous tip right from the website.By the way, the service costs the city nothing.View the site here:,%20OK
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