Norman parents rally to bring little league to city

For some, it's the crack of the bat that brings them to baseball.To the younger ones, just getting outside and playing is the draw."I like it because of all the exercise and work and how to catch the ball and hitting, it's really really fun," said Wyatt Harris, a young player.But in Norman, there's no little league, something most towns have, or at least most towns think they have."They just assume that we have one, and I say no, we have to bring it, we don't have that here," said parent RJ Harris.Harris is a founder of a group of parents with a simple goal: bring little league to Norman, a goal a lot of parents didn't know was needed."Most folks haven't thought of it, the folks that have thought of it are the ones that have kids, especially boys in baseball and they've looked and saw 'oh my boy's going to turn 12, and can't play baseball after that'," Harris said.Harris says he's starting the group off this month, hoping to have league rules in place and registration underway. He's inviting parents and kiddos alike to join the group.And all the while, he says he's teaching a few life lessons along the way as well about seeing a need... and doing something."Certainly the older kids are seeing, man, if there's not something there, don't just do nothing, go do something about it," Harris said.Click here for its Facebook page for more information.
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