Norman neighborhood hit with more than 20 car burglaries

Burglars target nearly two dozen cars in Northwest Norman within five days. Reports from Norman Police Department show 23 burglaries reported west of I-35 between West Robinson Street and West Main Street, and 36th Avenue NW and 48th Avenue NW.

Six of these burglaries happened on the 1200-block of Estates Drive.

"It was kind of scary," said Risa Pierce, who lives in the area.

Pierce says she got a surprise when she walked out to her car Friday morning.

"Just every compartment they could open they did," Pierce recalled.

Burglars ransacked Pierce's car. Everything inside her center console and glove box was scattered all over her floor and seats.

"What really scared me was my car's so close to my back door," said Pierce.

Pierce was one of the luckier residents on Estates Drive. The burglars left a mess, but did not take any of Pierce's belongings.

"The amazing part is that they had so much time, to break into so many cars," said Pierce.

Paul Nutt, who lives down the street from Pierce, fell victim in this crime spree. Nutt says burglars stole a garage door opener from his car.

"The question becomes, 'at what point in time are they going to come back?'" said Nutt.

Norman Police found Nutt's garage door opener dumped with other stolen items not far from his home. Police say burglars have spent the last week driving through Northwest Norman, tugging on door handles, and stealing items from unlocked cars in the area.

"I think everybody felt somewhat violated by this intrusion in our somewhat peaceful neighborhood," said Nutt.

Norman Police believe the string of burglaries could be linked, if you know anything that can help, contact Norman Police Department.