Norman man awarded Soldier's Medal for heroics during tornado

A Norman man's journey from regular guy to hero happened unusually.Then May 20, 2013 happened."That was a day that changed my life. And my children's life. We almost lost him," said his wife.Sergeant E.H. Pittman served in over 500 combat missions overseas. Each, with nothing more than a scratch. At home, he fought a new enemy--- one that left him paralyzed. But in his mind, not permanently."Working on trying to walk again, doing rehab. Doctors appointments... and everything else right now that's my -day-to day right there," Pittman said.But today is about Pittman and his bravery. As the storm came in, he moved people inside this store to safety, throwing himself on top of them.He's the first in Oklahoma to receive the Soldier's Medal for valor in a non-combat event.It's a big honor you almost have to convince him he's earned."I honestly don't feel that I deserve it or anything. It's... I've never seen it," Pittman said."He doesn't think of himself as a hero. Just doing what anybody else would do," his wife tells us.Still, he fights daily."I still have the dreams and everything, so, there's good days," Pittman said.Fights the trauma, and the permanency of his injuries."I figure if I keep working on it every day, it's only going to get better. It can't get worse from here. As long as I don't give up and curl up in a corner," Pittman said.But his motivation sits beside him. She pushes him... and he inspires her."He knew me and the kids were safe at home. He knew that there was nothing that was going to happen to us," she said."So he stayed behind to do what he could there. So, he's a hero. No matter anybody says. Or what you say."
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