Noble parents question bathroom policy that restricts kids to two breaks a day

A school memo about bathroom breaks at a Noble elementary school has parents seeing red. The memo tells parents that their children are allowed only two bathroom breaks a day and it applies for kids as young as five.A viewer sent the attached memo to the Fox 25 newsroom saying her child was given the policy Wednesday at Katherine I. Daily Elementary school. According to the school, only one teacher in the school sent out the documents to parents.It says kids will only get two bathroom breaks each day and they are to be taken as a class. The policy shows the bathroom breaks are at 10:25 a.m. and 12:40 p.m. It also states that if a student has to miss class for a restroom break, they have to miss that amount of time at recess and it allows for emergencies or medical circumstances.Elizabeth Jones has a student at the school and she could not believe it when we showed it to her."That's ridiculous. There are tiny itty bitty kids that go here, and they need the bathroom a lot. And boys tend to escape class by going to the bathroom but if they have to go they have to go," Jones said. "It's ridiculous that parents would have to worry about our children not being able to go to the bathroom."On the same memo, students are encouraged to drink more water throughout the day due to the excessive heat.Fox 25 talked to the Noble Public Schools Superintendent, Ronda Bass. She wouldn't go on camera, but said there was a misunderstanding between the teacher and the parents. Bass said the teacher wanted the children to learn about time management at school, and that she and the school principal agreed with the spirit of the plan. Bass also said that if a child really needed to use the bathroom, they would be able to without fear of getting into trouble or losing time on the playground. Bass said the loss of a portion of recess time is a disciplinary option if a student is being disruptive.

This is the first full week of school for the children at Katherine I. Daily Elementary.

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