NFL player suspended two games for knocking out fiancee

NFL player Ray Rice suspended two games for assaulting wife

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has been suspended two games after allegedly knocking his fiancee unconscious at an Atlantic City casino.NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced the punishment on Thursday. This comes after Rice was caught on security camera dragging his fiancee, now his wife, by her hair out of an elevator earlier this year. Rice, who was arrested for the Feb. 15 incident, will also be fined $58,000, ESPN reported. He'd be eligible to return in time to prepare for the Ravens' Week 3 matchup at Cleveland."I believe that you are sincere in your desire to learn from this matter and move forward toward a healthy relationship and successful career," Commissioner Goodell said in a letter to Rice, according to a statement from the league. "I am now focused on your actions and expect you to demonstrate by those actions that you are prepared to fulfill those expectations. Many across the sports world are upset and believe the punishment should have been harsher, especially after wide receivers Josh Gordon and Justin Blackmon received full year suspensions for possession of marijuana.

People have blown up over the punishment, especially on twitter, saying they see this recent two game suspension for assault as part of the NFL's "ongoing war on women."

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