Family forced to live in camper gets new home

A couple who lost everything in the May 19th tornado get a new home.

Roy Vuncannon and his wife lost everything in the May 19th tornado that wiped out much of Newalla.

"It's been sort of rough you know."

The couple has been living in a camper for nearly six months.

"It's starting to get cramped."

The two are forced to cook outside on the concrete, "that's pretty good eatin when you cook outside but the wife don't like it too much," and find places to do their laundry "a lot of little things that help that you don't really realize until you lose it you know."

Friday Roy and his wife traded in the fifth wheeler for a brand new fully furnished trailer

"This is a 3 bedroom 2 bath trailer with a very large laundry room," said Steve Wilhite with Daystar, a national Christian organization.

The group teamed up with local churches to get the Vuncannon's a new mobile home.

"It's quite an investment but worth it all."

While he didn't want to discuss price, Wilhite said the group paid for the mobile home, furniture, and appliances. Daystar also turned on the electricity, water and sewage. Whilite said the project took months to complete.

"We're going to turn over the keys and title to them."

"It's sort of like a mansion right after that," said Roy.

He is most excited for one thing, "To have more room to move around and stuff you know."

He said it is not possible to put his gratitude into words.

"It sure aint. You just thank them all you know."

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