New scam targets OG&E customers in the Metro

OG&E warns about a new scam targeting business owners in the Metro

A scam has OG&E customers paying out hundreds of dollars. The company says the scam is targeting business owners throughout the Metro. The utility company has received numerous reports of a scam targeting metro area businesses. Scammers posing as OG&E representatives are calling businesses and threatening to cut off service within an hour, unless they pay for a new meter installation. They then want to meet in person to collect the cash. OG&E has a warning for customers who may be targeting by the scammers: -OG&E does not accept payment for meter installation or any type of payment in person. -The company does not initiate contact by phone in regard to the cut-off. -OG&E will mail two separate notices prior to disconnecting. That includes a 10-day notice and a 48-hour notice. If you do receive a call, threatening to disconnect your electric service, call police immediately.
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