New restaurant opens at Myriad Gardens that has familiar taste

There is a new place for people in downtown to get a quick bite to eat and take in the Myriad Gardens at the same time. It's called the Ice House and while it's a new name, it's definitely not new food.

"You can smell it from way far away and it pulls you in and you can't help yourself. You have to eat one," said mom Kelsey Poe.

She's talking about the burger she ate today. It's not just any burger, it's one with a very famous and familiar taste. Nic's Grill burgers can now be found at a new location.

"We've got great Nic's burgers. We've got shakes, root beer floats. Then you can sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we have," said chef Jeffrey Holloway.

Holloway works at the new Ice House. The building may be filled with ice skates during the winter months, but the other eight months of the year burgers are the speciality.

Earlier this year Myriad Gardens, along with restaurateur Peter Holloway, announced they were opening not only the Ice House, but also the Park House next door.

"It's a fun place to bring everyone together. To bring families together, pre-game before the Thunder games, before hockey games," said Holloway.

It's a win, win for Myriad Gardens. They are able to provide a quick bite to eat for guests, and they're more likely to come back.

"You can get your food and sit outside and enjoy the sun," said Poe. "Then you can walk around and burn the calories off at the Myriad Gardens."

The Ice House opened it's doors on October 17. It will shut down from November 15 until February while the skating rink is open. The Park House will open mid-November.

To learn more about the two restaurants click here.