New requirements for state abortion clinics

Planned Parenthood says Senate Bill 1848 could potentially shut down two out of the three abortion clinics in our state. The organization says only one clinic in our state, Tulsa Reproductive Services, would meet the new requirements of having a doctor with hospital admitting privileges at the clinic while the abortion is being performed.The organization has clinics throughout Oklahoma but point out they do not run or own the three abortion clinics in our state which right now are in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Norman. Planned Parenthood attorney Tamya Cox says there are already a number of restrictions in place when it comes to abortions in Oklahoma and doesn't understand why another roadblock is now being put in place for women. "Admitting privileges sometimes it's kinda veiled as a women's safety but it's very important to understand that admitting privileges are simply business arrangements with the hospital and the doctor it does not ensure greater care," says Cook. Author of the bill, Sen. Greg Treat, says this isn't about chipping away at a women's right to choose it's about making sure she's safe."The safety part is in question if a physician who does not have admitting privileges to any hospital within 30 miles is not on the scene, a women's health is compromised," says Treat, R-Oklahoma City.The Oklahoma State Medical Association also weighed in this week releasing this statement. "While our organization has members with strong feelings on both sides of the abortion debate, we do not take a position on the legality of abortion. However, as long as abortion remains a legal medical procedure, we oppose legislation or regulations that would implement a standard of care or override a physician's medical judgment." But Cox says obtaining hospital privileges is harder process than most people realize."Several of the hospitals are extensions of religious affiliations and that is going to be very difficult," says Cox. What could happen next is a potential legal fight between abortion providers and the state.Planned Parenthood would only say that they are in close contact with the state's abortion providers and will support them if they choose to move forward before the law goes into effect on November 1st.