New plan on city bike lanes disappoints riders

New bike lanes criss-cross OKC's landscape, with more on the way.Oklahoma City city council approved a $360,000 plan for 62 new miles of bike routes that had cyclists excited. But now we know the plan just amounts to paint on the asphalt."A better use of the money would be something innovative," Dryer said.Eric Dryer is an avid cyclist who says a better use would be something like a cycle track, that puts a barrier between cyclists and cars, but also questions some of the locations.One planned bike route: the Broadway Extension service road, a busy multi-lane road... not conducive to bikes."It makes more sense to move them over one or two streets to the neighborhood routes that are less stressed, and just easier for bikes in general," Dryer said.According to folks who've seen this plan, they say until folks are comfortable enough taking their bikes out into the streets and getting them among traffic, they say you'll never have an effective bike program."When you have a dedicated lane that's protected from cars, the cars aren't going past them at 45 mph, 2 inches from their handlebars, it really encourages them," Dryer said.Dryer says the net effect is two steps forward, one step back.The city tells Fox 25 previously the idea is safety:"We just want everyone to be safe. Look out for each other and share the road," said Jennifer McClintock with the city's park and recreation department.