New law makes French restaurants prove food is fresh

A new law in France requires restaurants to post a logo advising patrons if their foods are actually home made and which ones are just heated up.

The logo is a rooftop covering a sauce pan and it's supposed to designate fait mason, or homemade.

It's designed to highlight places that make their own dishes rather than bringing in frozen.According to NPR, As of last July, about 31 percent of restaurants in France use at least some prepared foods, although some restaurant experts suggest the number is much higher.

Now the restaurants will have to own up to it.

Jean-Paul Arabian is the owner of Le Cameleon, a cozy bistro tucked into a side street in Paris' Montparnasse neighborhood. He's thrilled about the new law.

"Homemade will be the war against restaurants that buy their food already cooked and in plastic bags, ready to heat up and serve to clients at 10 times the price," he says.

The new law is intended to not allow restaurants to food guests into thinking food is fresh when it really isn't.

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