New health center in Edmond combines fitness and health care

A well known fitness center in Edmond is getting a new name and a new philosophy. Beginning in 2014, Transformations Fitness Center will become Key Health Institute, and use technology never before seen in the state of Oklahoma.

We all know it takes exercise and eating right to live a healthy lifestyle. However, as evidenced by the obesity epidemic in our state, exercise and nutrition are a lot easier said than done. But what if you could get an actual prescription for exercise from your doctor? And what if there was a place where that prescription could be filled?

Beginning next year in Edmond, that "what if" will become a reality. Transformations Fitness Center will transform into Key Health Institute. A first of its kind collaboration between fitness and healthcare.

"Healthcare costs continue to rise and so we're paying for sick care and yet there's no real health plan," said Key Health's chief development officer Rick Mason. Mason believes the marriage of healthcare and fitness is key to our country's new healthcare law. He says if the focus is on preventative care and being healthy, costs will go down.

To make it happen, Key Health is calling upon state of the art technology called FIT-3D.

"Tools like this tell the story of why we should try to prevent illnesses as opposed to just address them when they come up," said FIT-3D CEO Greg Moore.

Right now body scanners like the one Moore created can only be found in a couple of places in California, but Moore wanted to bring one of them here.

FIT-3D is made up of a spinning platform that people stand on, and a 3D camera that takes hundreds of pictures of the person as they spin.

"That's essentially likened to wrapping a tape measure from the ankles all the way up to the neck hundreds of times," said Moore.

The scan creates a 360-degree image of your body complete with every measurement. Over time as you exercise and practice good eating habits, more scans are taken. Giving you a visual representation of the changes going on in your body.

"It's really something to put the focus more on how your body is morphing as opposed to how the number on the scale maybe randomly fluctuates," Moore said.

The in-house doctors and physiologists will then build your prescription and fitness plan to reach your desired results.

"We want to focus this as a tool for trainers and doctors," said Moore. "So that they can understand the data and help to keep you balanced through your regime."

Those who are already members of Transformations can stay members and choose to only use the workout areas. Those individuals and businesses looking to combine healthcare and fitness will be able to utilize the in-house urgent care center, physical therapy, and primary care offices.