New abortion-regulation law likely to result in costly court battle

As the legislative session comes to an end, there are sure to be challenges to some of Oklahoma's new laws. Defending them every year, costs the state millions of dollars.Senate bill 1848, signed Wednesday by Governor Mary Fallin is almost guaranteed to be one of the bills challenged, FOX 25 legal analyst David Slane said."Then taxpayers will have to pick up the bill," he said.Slane estimated each law challenged costs the state at least $250,000.This new law will require abortion clinics to be within 30 miles of a hospital the doctor has privileges to. "Oklahoma, like many other states, continue to attempt to just chip away at Roe V. Wade and they come up with these very crafty ways to do that," Slane said.State Rep. Mike Reynolds, R- Oklahoma City, supports the law calling it a health issue for women."Abortion not only puts the life of the unborn child at risk, it terminates their life obviously, but it also puts the life of the mother at risk," he said.He believes most Oklahomans agree with him and that they agree pro-life laws need to be defended, no matter the cost."Most of us are elected based on what our values are and so the people that are electing the legislators that are passing this legislation, expect that out of us," Reynolds said.Four other states, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Wisconsin have passed similar laws. Each have been challenged.