Neighborhood streets still packed with snow; city preps for warm up

A Fox25 vehicle travels down NE 14th, packed with snow. (Fox25 photo/Keaton Fox)

For thousands of students across Oklahoma, snow-covered roads means a day of fun.
Saul Meza and his family came out to McKinley Park to do a little sledding, and even a little snowboarding.
"It's like a roller coaster," Meza said. "But on snow. It's fun."
Meza and his family didn't want to drive to the park. Streets in this neighborhood are still packed with snow and ice.
"You have to drive slow so you don't have a wreck, but we walked down here," Meza said.
Streets not on the city's snow route plan haven't been touched and that leads to dangerous conditions for anyone driving, including school buses. Oklahoma City public schools staff says it's a key consideration when school is canceled.
Even in some of the treated areas, slush made its way onto the road--slush that will refreeze Monday night.
But representatives with the city say clearing every street after every storm is impossible.
"We have thousands and thousands and thousands of lane miles in Oklahoma City," said Kristi Yager, spokesperson for Oklahoma City. "We can't possibly get to the neighborhoods so we really try to focus on the arterial streets."
City crews will be out all night, focusing on those routes, but have no plans on going into neighborhoods.
That's just fine for these kids, who would happily take another snow day.
Now city crews are getting ready for what comes after winter weather.
"Potholes. They always form after a snow and ice event. So, we'll be busy patching potholes," Yager said.
Yager said the city is also expecting water main breaks as temperatures warm up.

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