Nebraska teen jailed after being thwarted by ultimate theft deterrent

A teenager in Nebraska lands in jail after police say a stick shift ruined his carjacking plan.

Theo Peters said his wife was outside and waiting to take their 13-year-old to school Thursday when he heard her scream. He ran out and said he saw a teen with a gun, climbing into his car.

While on the phone with police, he said the teen wasn't getting far: he couldn't drive a stick shift.

"Sitting on the phone with dispatch, I'm saying he's stealing the car. She says just stay on the phone, they're on their way. They on their way," he recalls.

He said when the young man climbed into their Dodge Caliber, he tried starting the car and the lights kept turning on as he tried to crank the vehicle. After almost ten minutes, police arrived on the scene and surrounded the suspect. But he wasn't going easy: police say he ran off the but police ultimately caught up to him and found his weapon.

Peters said he and his wife had spotted the suspect Wednesday morning outside their home, staring at their house. He said this will change their morning routine and he'll walk her to the car from now on, but the Caliber isn't going anywhere. After all, having a manual transmission can have its perks.

"For those of you who still have stick shift vehicles, there is an advantage to having those in today's time. Younger people don't know how to drive them," Lt. Mike McGee with the Omaha Police Department says.

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