ND woman to hand out "fat" letters instead of candy to overweight kids

A North Dakota woman isn't handing out treats to everyone this Halloween. Instead she says she'll be handing out letters to children who are overweight.

The woman says if she sees a child who is moderately obese, she'll hand them a letter to give their parents. She says she wants to send a message to parents that they're being irresponsible for sending their kids out looking for free candy just cause all the other kids are doing it.

The woman feels it takes an entire community to solve the obesity epidemic.

North Dakota State University Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology Dr. Katie Gordon studies eating disorders and says that children and adolescents in particular are very conscious of fitting in with peers. She says the letter might hurt more than help. "It's just that kind of thing that for some kids, if they're vulnerable, might trigger major problems."

Dr. Gordon says it's important to remember that one's appearance does not necessarily reflect whether or not a person has healthy eating and exercising habits.

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