National Guacamole Day, Bill's famous recipe

      In honor of National Guacamole Day, Fox 25's Bill Young made his award-winning guacamole recipe.

      This is a totally different take on the boring-old guacamole. Thinkof it more of an "Avocado Dip." You need:

      Three to four medium sized avocados

      One package of diced bacon

      Fresh cilantroTwo small limes

      One package of Pine Nuts

      One package of dried cranberries

      One package Feta Cheese

      Jar of diced garlic

      Jar of red-pepper or crushed red pepper flakes


      Slice avocados and put them into bowl -- from that point on, the sky is the limit! Mix the ingredients to your choosing. If you like it "tangy," add more cilantro and lime. If you like it more sweet, add more cranberries. For dip with a kick, throw in moregarlic and red pepper. For something more rich and savory, try adding in lots of bacon, cheese, and nuts. You can't go wrong! Just taste as you go and make it your own!