Myriad Gardens welcomes two new restaurants

Two new restaurants are set to make their home at the Myriad Gardens, but their food is not new to Oklahoma City.

For the last two years the Myriad Gardens have been undergoing a transformation. One that has revitalized all of downtown.

Christine Eddington is the Director of Marketing for the Gardens, she told FOX25's Christine VanTimmeren, "Anything anybody asks us to produce, along with anything we an imagine, we are doing. As many things as we can to bring people to the Gardens."

As part of the redesign, a restaurant space was created, one that has remained empty. But not for much longer.

Eddington said, "Figuring out what the right kind of restaurant to put in place was a little bit of a trick."

The trick was to find a local restaurateur with a vision and a passion for the people of downtown. The Gardens think it has found that with Cafe 501 owner Peter Holloway.

"With all the activity in downtown Oklahoma City, with the MAPS program, with the Thunder, with the continual growth of downtown, we thought it was a natural place to have a restaurant," said Holloway.

The restaurant will be called The Park House and will balance the quality food Holloway is known for with the affordability customers are looking for.

"It's a place for a business lunch. It's a place for cocktails after work. It's a place to meet up for the Thunder," said Eddington.

Holloway is not doing it by himself though. He partnered with Justin Nicholas, the owner of Nic's Grill. Nicholas will create another space called The Ice House where he will serve up his famous burgers.

Holloway talked about his partner's excitement, "He is extremely excited and that was one of the things that really interested him going forward and having another interest in a restaurant, is because of the spot and the beauty of the Gardens."

A beauty that is second to none in our city. Mix that with first class food and both Holloway and Nicholas think they have a winning combination.

"We're glad that they thought it through and came up with some terrific concepts. And now we're just excited to taste them," said Eddington.