Mustang elementary students injured at Land Run event

Celebrating Statehood in a buggy ends with an ambulance ride for a student and two adults. It happened at Centennial Elementary school in Mustang on Tuesday afternoon."Three three reasons I know I was in danger is because I kept hearing the horses jerk the cart and it turned over and the cart hit the bump," said Centennial Elementary third grader Christopher Maxeiner.Christopher walked away from Tuesday's incident with some grass stains, a bruised knee and quite a story to tell. He was one of nine children, two teachers, a high schooler and a driver who were on the cart around 1:30 p.m. when suddenly the horses took off running."There was a malfunction of the carriage. It broke, spooked the horses is what it sounds like and pitched the carriage," said Mustang Superintendent Sean McDaniel.The carriage broke into pieces and sent everyone inside tumbling out. The district says a teacher and the driver were taken to the hospital along with one student. Everyone else was treated at the scene. McDaniel says parents of injured students were called and a robo call went out to the entire school. He says in light of what happened the district will be re-evaluating next year's land run activities."Not the land run, but how we celebrate it pprobably" DMcDanielsaid. "And how we reenact and teach our kids."Christopher's mom, Pamela Ferguson, says she sees no problem with continuing the horse and carriage ride next year, as long as precautions are taken. Christopher says he'd love to do land run day again, just without the horses."That's the fun part of it. I mean every kid wants that. So let's just tighten those nuts and bolts up. Accidents happen," said Ferguson.The district says this is the first time it has offered students the horse and carriage ride, and the school did not get permission slips signed by parents to do it.