"Mumford & Sons" concert raises concern on crowd issues

Six more weeks until Mumford and Sons' "Gentlemen of the Road" tour stops in Guthrie.

"It's exciting for the town," said Leslie Steadham, a Guthrie resident, "I think it will bring a lot of business."

Steadham has lived in Guthrie her whole life, she says this is the biggest concert to ever come to the historic Oklahoma town. The concert sold out quickly once ticket sales began, and city officials say 10,000 more tickets were released this week for the concert at Cottonwood Flats.

"It's a wonderful opportunity for Guthrie," said Vicki Delaney, who's worked in Guthrie since 1989.

Cody Mosley, Director of Economic Development and Marketing for the City of Guthrie says parts of Downtown Guthrie will be shut down for a street festival during the concert.

"We're getting to put Guthrie on display," said Mosley, "it's kind of all eyes on Guthrie right now."

Downtown Guthrie is just a short walk from the venue, with at least 35,000 people expected to attend the concert, the added traffic is good news for area businesses like the Blue Bell Saloon.

"We're ready to have them in here and entertain them," said Robert Painter, owner of the Blue Bell Saloon.

Painter re-opened the historic Guthrie institution a month ago, he also owns two other restaurants in Oklahoma City.

"Having the concert be part of the beginning of this business has just been a nice little added bonus," he said.

More business means more money in the city's tax base, but some residents are concerned large crowds at the street festival will interfere with their weekend routine.

"Main thing would be the post office, getting to the post office," said Steadham.

The post office is located in the middle of Downtown Guthrie, along with the pharmacy and other businesses where many residents run errands. People attending the street festival during the Mumford and Sons concert must pay a $5.00 admission fee, and some residents are concerned they will need to pay admission to access the area and run errands.

Mosley says that is not the case.

"We will have accommodations for citizens who are used to their typical routine," he said.

The special accommodations are still being worked out. Although crowd issues raise some concern, most members of the Guthrie community say come on through!

"We can handle it, we welcome them," said Delaney.

To purchase tickets to the Mumford and Sons concert, click the link at the top of this page.