Mr. Awesome: Florida boy's self-portrait goes viral after he dies in freak accident

Calder Jacob Sloan is seen holding the self-portrait he made of himself about five months before his death.

Last fall, Calder Jacob Sloan created a self portrait of himself dubbed Mr. Awesome. Now, that picture is being held by Florida celebrities in honor of the young boy's death.Sloan turned 7 just days after before he died on April 13. According to FOX News, high voltage from a faulty light inside the family's swimming pool electrocuted him. After Jim, a family friend, began a social media campaign with the self-portrait Calder drew about five months ago, celebrities and senators -- including Miami Heat player Chris Bosh -- began spreading the drawing all over social media sites.Calder's family says the colorful self-portrait of a beaming young boy, with the words "Mr. Awesome" on top if it, is a symbol of his fun-loving and adventurous spirit. The portrait could be seen on display at the American Airlines Arena in downtown Miami, and The Miami Seaquarium is considering naming a newborn dolphin "Awesome" in the boy's memory.
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